Naïve Addiction to Opioids Can Happen in Just 5 Days 

Medication adherence

Intervention First.....Equals Prevention.

No one wants to become addicted to drugs and have their lives, and their families, turned upside down. When an athlete gets a prescription after surgery, he or she doesn’t intend to get addicted and never play again. When a new mother gets a prescription after medically necessary procedures, she never imagines one day not being able to nurture her child due to addiction.

Most addictions are accidental—naïve—but they start a vicious cycle leading to overdose that kills more than 115 Americans per day

Eighty percent of heroin users started with a prescription painkiller. These are not bad people. They are not just statistics. They are our family members, friends, patients, colleagues and neighbors. And it is a social responsibility to seek a solution.

While opioid addiction treatment is necessary to slow the epidemic, help after addiction is not ideal. A proactive approach to PREVENTION is needed. iScRipt™ tracks and analyzes consumption and use patterns to detect misuse, abuse and illicit disbursement. It allows for immediate intervention and reduces the risk for addiction through surveillance.

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